The Top 10


Our world is changing faster than most of us can keep up with. Companies downsize everyday. One Minute your
comfortable, the next minute, your're not.


Reason #1 to get a real estate license.....


Protection against change, against being out of control.
With a real estate license, you can learn the business part-time and be ready if the winds of change blow your way.

Reason #2

Additional Income.

A real estate license is a great way to increase your current income. Add another revenue stream. Because of the flexibility of hours, you can work as much or as little as you desire.

Reason #3

Career Change.

Unhappy with the 9-5 drag? Want to fire your boss?
Maybe it's time to make a life changing decision.
A career in real estate offers you:

* Flexibility
* Unlimited Income Potential
* No More Boss
* Training
* Networking
* No More 9-5
* Self-Confidence
* Respect and Admiration
* A Career
* Opportunities
* Related Fields
* Investment
* Freedom
* Professionalism
* Mobility
* Technology
* Continuing Education
* A Business of Your Own
* Home Business Potential
* Solid Retirement

That's just a few, but you're beginning to get the idea.

Reason #4

Personal Satisfaction and Gratification.

The hard fact is that we have but one life to live. So many people wake up 40 years later wishing they would have taken a risk, done something different. There's absolutely no reason to be unhappy your entire life. YOU - and only you - are in control of your future. Others have done it, so can you.

The feeling you get from building something successful cannot be described. It's similar to studying for a difficult exam and then making an A on the test. The difference is that being successful is an everyday feeling. It's worth the risk and hard work.

Reason #5

It's the Best Opportunity (other than winning the lottery) you have for making BIG money without having to invest thousands of dollars or go back to college.

To get a real estate license in Missouri, you must attend and pass a 48 hour pre-license course, 24 hour practice course, pass the state exam, and apply for the license.

To have an equal opportunity to make the kind of money you can make in the real estate business, here are some options:

#1  Go to school 8 years and become a real estate attorney. Even if you were to do this, many real estate agents make far more money than most real estate attorneys.

#2  Go to school 8-12 years and become a doctor. Even if you were to do this, many real estate agents make far more money than a lot of doctors.

#3  Buy a franchise. A McDonalds franchise cost over $1,000,000, if you can talk them into selling you one. It takes a lot of money to get into a good franchise.

#4  Get your insurance license.  When you receive only 6-8% commission on each premium dollar, guess who gets the rest. The insurance company. See why they make so much  money. The company makes the big dollars, not the agent. Also, you are usually an employee.

#5  You could work two jobs to make twice as much money. Now you've got two bosses you hate, no time for yourself or your family, and there are health risks involved in working so many hours.

#6  Become an engineer, CEO of a company, professor, or executive. All require time and additional education.

Or, you could become an entrepreneur. More fortunes are created by entrepreneurs in real estate than in any other field!

Reason #6

Very Little Cash to Get Started.
Very Little Overhead to Get Established.

Nowhere else can you invest so little time and money to see if an opportunity is right for you.
I have friends that went to college and after four years and $80,000 later, decided they didn't want to do what their degree program trained them to do. The landscape is littered everyday with people changing jobs, looking for greener pastures. That's OK - but when you change jobs, it's still a job. You are not in control. The only way to be in control is to be your own boss!

Reason #7

Related Opportunities

As a real estate licensee, a whole new world opens up!

The following fields are related to real estate, and the possibilities within these fields are unlimited.

*  Mortgage Company
*  Appraising
*  Moving Companies
*  Insurance
*  Title Companies
*  Pest Control
*  Home Inspection
*  Alarm Companies
*  Building
*  Property Management
*  Commercial Real Estate
*  Commercial Management
*  Real Estate Advertising
*  Remodeling
*  Home Improvement
*  Interior Decorating
*  Lawn Service
*  Education
*  Technology & Computers
*  Staffing
*  Investment
*  Landscaping

You will meet people constantly that work in or own these businesses and you'll find many different opportunities within these related fields.

Reason #8


Do you know that 80% of people will retire with less income than they will be comfortable with?

How does your retirement portfolio look today?
Is it time to get started?

Real estate offers you unlimited retirement opportunities. Learn how to invest in real estate and live a comfortable retirement life when you reap the rewards.  Here are a couple of situations:

A licensee got into the real estate business in 1986. He bought a real estate business. Things were slow. He continued to learn and begin to develop subdivisions. With the income from these, he bought commercial office buildings. In 1995 (9 years later) he sold the business and all the commercial buildings and retired with over $2,000,000 in the bank. All because of real estate and hard work.

A friend of mine recently refinanced his home. He cut the years to pay the mortgage from 30 to 20 and actually lowered his payment $10 a month. Reducing his payments by 10 years will save him $238,000 and his home will be paid off at his retirement age. Having knowledge of real estate saved him $238,000 for his retirement years. Don't wait any longer to get started. The clock continues to TICK!

You can build a retirement portfolio in real estate several different ways. Here's a few:

#1  Refinance. Call your lender and just check it out. If it is the right time, you may save big.

#2  Get your license and don't pay another real estate commission. That's right. Do your own deals. Can you imagine putting the 6% or 7% in your pocket. You can if you have a real estate license. Just doing that alone a couple of times can save you thousands, increase your equity and that money works for you year after year.

#3  Investment opportunities. You can learn how to buy investment properties. You can learn where to find the good deals only insiders know about. Learn from others that have done it. You must get your first property to get your second, and so on. Everyone starts at one. Once you learn, you can replicate that transaction over and over.

#4  Market Niches. Specialize and retire early. Become a professional in foreclosures, small homes, HUD homes, commercial, etc. Be recognized as the one to call in your niche, and you can take it to the bank.

#5  Buy low, sell high. Think it only happens in the stock market? There are still people buying and selling investment homes for more than they paid for them.  Want to learn how? Get your real estate license and we'll introduce you to the fundamentals.

These are just a few. Put some of this extra money away and watch it grow for your comfortable retirement. Start now.

Reason #9

Multiple Streams of Income

Becoming an entrepreneur gives you an opportunity that very few have.
Developing multiple streams of income.

In reason #7, we listed related fields to the real estate industry. As an entrepreneur, you have the ability to do what you want with your day. If you would like to own a real estate company, title company, mortgage company, etc. then you have the opportunity to do so. You can create multiple streams of income.

Reason #10


Now, take a moment.

Sit back and think. What would happen to your lifestyle if you could put just a few of reasons 1-9 in play?
Would it be better for your family?
Would it give you more freedom?
Would it make you happy?

Serious questions. If your answers are yes, get into a class or the internet course. Just click on the Pre-License link to the left and check it out. If you have questions, don't hesitate to send me an email or call anytime. All contact information is on the Home page.

Wishing you prosperity,

Ronald J. Levin
Real Estate Prep School, Inc.