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Steps to obtaining your Kansas Real Estate License by

Detailed requirements Salesperson license

Go to the bottom of the page, click the link and complete the sign-up process.

Work through the course. You have 60 days once you go on-line and enroll in the course to complete the course.

The required classes prepare you to sit for the state/national exams. The School does not recommend any real estate companies for the student to interview at for employment.

You must pass the on-line open book final exam with a 90% or better.


Salesperson Applicants
(not currently licensed in another state)

  • 18 or more years of age
  • high school diploma or its equivalent
  • 30-hour Principles of Real Estate course approved by the
    Kansas Real Estate Commission
  • Fingerprints, waiver form and $64 cashier's check or money
    order payable to KREC to obtain KBI/FBI background checks.
    Click the following link for FAQs regarding fingerprint/background
    checks [Word][PDF]
  • 30-hour Kansas Practice course approved by the Kansas Real
    Estate Commission (file certificate of completion with license
    application to KREC within six months of course completion date)
  • pass both parts (general and state) of the Kansas licensing exam within
    12 months
    of the completion date of the Principles of Real Estate course
  • file an application for license within six months of the exam pass date
    (if the two parts of the exam were passed on different dates, the six-month
    time period begins from the earlier exam date)
  • license application signed by a supervising or branch broker who certifies
    that the applicant is honest, trustworthy and of good reputation and who
    will be responsible for supervising the applicant's real estate activities (an original
    license cannot be issued on inactive status)
  • file a nonresident form with the license application, if applicable [Word] [PDF]
  • file a current certification of license from any jurisdictions that have ever issued
    a real estate license to you with the license application

"Having not ever taken a course on a computer before, I didn't know what to expect. I've been pleasantly surprised at the ease of using the program. I can access it anywhere and have found the material to be very concise. The practice exams have helped me most. Thanks for such a great program."
J.P. McPherson

We're the only school in the state to offer you all of the following:

* Immediate access to the 30 hour Kansas Real Estate Commission approved
salesperson pre-license course. Begin studying immediately for the exam.

* Complete completion instructions - Step-by-step instructions mailed to you on
completing the course all the way to licensing.

* Candidate Handbook - This information is made available from the testing
center for those preparing for the Kansas Real Estate Exams.

* The Real Estate Prep School practice exam series - Practice exams
to better prepare our students for the exam.

* Consultation - Stuck on a question? Don't understand a specific topic or area of
study? Call us anytime toll-free or email with your questions. Your instructor is
available 24/7 to help with any and all areas of study.

* Over 30 years of experience - We've had thousands of students pass the real estate
exams over the years. Our experience and our materials give you the edge you need
to pass the exam THE FIRST TIME!

Questions? call: 816-455-2087

Courses approved by the Kansas Real Estate Commission

"I've just left the testing center and had to drop you an email. A quick thank you
for your program. I was unable to attend class because I live in a rural community.
Your on-line program helped me score a 89 on the national and a 90 on the state
exam. I couldn't have done it without you. Your follow-up to all my questions while
taking the course was great. I always had an answer within 24 hours. I'm so excited,
I have an appointment at a real estate company tomorrow. Thanks again!"
D. Osborn


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Thirty Day Business Plan
Estate Prep School Marketing and Sales Guide
Extensive Business Plan
Closing the Sale
Beginners Guide
How to Open a Home-Based Business
Home Buyers Guide (PowerPoint) For Buyer Presentations
Home Sellers Guide (PowerPoint) For Seller Presentations
Open House A-Z (PowerPoint)
Preparation of Marketing Materials (PowerPoint)
Time Management (PowerPoint)
Goal Setting (PowerPoint)
Organizing for Success (PowerPoint)
Real Estate Links
The Ultimate E-Library
INet Success Internet Marketing
Real Estate Investing
Technology in Real Estate (PowerPoint)
Contract to Closing (PowerPoint)
Consulting in Real Estate (PowerPoint)
Customer Service (PowerPoint)
7 Winning Ways
Working Pre-Foreclosures
Swat Team Leader
Killer Ads
Writing, Creating, Promoting, and Selling Ebooks
Create Your Own Info Product
Ethics in Real Estate
Intro To Commercial Real Estate Sales
Managing Your Real Estate Business
57 Ebook Articles
Magnetic Power Marketing
101 High Profit Businesses
Internet Marketing for Beginners
Practical DotCom Business

And much, much, more……….

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This guide has been used to train several hundred new real estate agents. This manual was written for a new agents
first five days in the real estate business to give the basics and the foundation for a new career in real estate.
Marketing and selling scripts and presentations are included. The newly licensed sales associate will gain the
basic knowledge and skills necessary to discover and interact successfully with buyers and sellers. In the five
days it takes to complete this manual, you will learn more than what 90% of agents currently in the field of
real estate know. The goal is to provide you with the information you need to market yourself in the real
estate business immediately! (value: hundreds sold at $129)


This guide covers everything A to Z in opening a business of your own. Learn about technology,
leasing, taxation, bookkeeping, office supplies, successful business theory, marketing, and much,
much more. 199 pages of information all new business owners (and real estate licensees)
need! (value: hundreds sold at $199)


Be up and running in this checklist of exactly what to do in your first 30 days.
Part of the Step-by-Step Training CD.. (value: $79)

Tuition for on-line 30 hour course and all free sign-up bonuses

"The on-line course was everything you said it would be and more. It was so
easy negotiating through the text and questions. I've taken other courses that
just seem like they were thrown together. It made it very difficult to study. I
was very impressed with the amount of study content and felt well prepared
for my exams, which by the way I scored a 87 and 93 on. I felt I got MORE
than my monies worth, and that's saying a lot in this day and time. Thanks
for everything!"
A. Strothmeyer

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